Project Management

  • Revised project plan below

So… it’s time to get serious with my mapping project. Since it’s been more than a year I worked on monster map (and thus forget even what my data represented and how many texts are included in my data) and since I don’t know anything about esri story map (except a few great samples I found), let’s plan how I’ll go about publishing my map. I used workplan template provided by my DH course and it seems I only have three agenda:

  1. Review of data set
  2. Learn how to use story map (esri)
  3. Upload & Tweak around the map

The only dependency is that I’d have to be in the library to work on ArcGIS. I’d assume for now that uploading and revising how my map looks would take the longest (is it aesthetically pleasing? What text should go beside my map and in what order? What would be the most effective way to present the “story” map? And what am I ultimately trying to show?). Though the program and the result of story map looks simple and easy enough, from my last experience, I know it is not. Even though I only have three steps now, I’ll probably have to make a sub-mini-plans and schedule them in order finish this before the semester.

Revised Project Plan